Friday, 4 December 2015

Redwell West Coast Pale

I'm hoping beers are like buses.  Once one pops through the letterbox two more turn up.  A couple of weeks or so after Redwell Brewery sent me their lovely Kofra Stout (read the review here), another Redwell can arrives much to my delight.  So hopefully a third one will turn up!!  
This time it is the West Coast Pale (5.6% ABV) that I hoped to enjoy.  The can has the same quality design as their others but this one is a lovely bright orange colour.  This one will certainly stand out in the dark.

The term 'West Coast' refers to the West Coast of the US of course and these beers tend to be very much dominated by those lovely US hop varieties which grow in the hop fields of the Pacific Northwest.  The 'East Coast' pales tend to be more balanced by a bigger malt presence and the inclusion of a spicier European hop character.  I love both types but my preference is for the 'West Coast' so this beer should be perfect for me.

The beer pours nicely and has a lovely golden colour with the right level of carbonation which resulted in a bit of a white head.  The aroma was exactly what I expected.  Somewhat estery with the promise of lush tropical and citrusy fruit flavours to come.  Once again my wife got to try it first and it is always a sign of approval when a second sip is taken.  Handing it back she said the taste disappeared but that opinion was quickly revised as it hit back.  'You'll love it' she said.  I can see what she means.  The aftertaste was gentle at first but the big tropical fruit flavours, particularly mango, came bursting through and lasted throughout.  The citrusy flavours were less grapefruit and more orange I thought which isn't a bad thing either.  The malt base is stronger than in some West Coast pales I have had previously and has a nice biscuity quality.  Indeed I do love this beer.  No surprise there really but it is great to finally sample a beer you have longed to try and that it meets all your expectations.       

This beer is another winner from Redwell.  When will that third bus arrive?


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