Sunday, 20 December 2015

12 Beers Of Xmas Day 1 - Brew 900 Under The Arches

The @BeerOClockShow #12BeersOfXmas is off and running for the third year.  I love indulging in some special strong beers at Chridtmas and this year promises to be more of the same.  Beer number one comes from Marble Brewers of Manchester, who are one of my favourite breweries, and this special beer was brewed to commemorate their 900th brew.  They brew some cracking beers of which Dobber (5.9% ABV), Lagonda IPA (5.0% ABV) and Pint (3.9% ABV) all stand out and are all bursting with hops.  

This particular beer though is less about the hops and more about the yeast.  It is a 9.0% ABV Belgian tripel made with Belgian yeast so it should be something special.  This particular bottle was picked up at the fantastic Cotteridge Wines for £4.99 and it was money well spent.  My wife loved it and was surprised by the strength because it was quite drinkable.  I have to agree.  It certainly did not disgrace the glass I chose for this beer.  It has a honey sweetness, a little syrupy with great body and a strong flavour of oranges with a slight bitter sourness in the finish.  My favourite Belgian Tripel produced by a UK brewer is Durham's Bede's Chalice.  This is just about on a par with that which is high praise indeed.  A fabulous start.




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