Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pubs - The Place For Real Ale

I was a bit shocked today to see a feed on Facebook via the Official CAMRA page advertising the 'There's A Beer For That' Beer Club.  The idea of this 'club' is that you can log on to Twitter at every Wednesday and learn about a different beer style each week from an expert.  Yes that is such a great way to learn about beer!  Frankly I think it is utterly ridiculous.  

If the big brewers want to spend stupid amounts of money to promote beer then let them but CAMRA is an organisation to promote real ale.  I know that they approve certain bottled beers as 'real' but, let's be honest, real ale is always best when consumed in a pub and to promote real ale you have to promote pubs.  They should not be giving any kind of promotion to such anti-social social media activities that will only encourage people to stay at home and drink in isolation.  



  1. Do you never drink beer in the house? How odd. Or ever have a beer with a meal, unless dining out? I expect you probably don't live over £6 round trip bus fare from your nearest real ale pub either.

    PS Your previous post makes a pretty good case for craft keg.

  2. While I'm a great lover of pubs, there are many occasions where people might want to have a beer at home or at private parties and, as I said here, I think it's wrong to try to make out that one is inherently better than the other.

    "Over the years, for a variety of reasons, most of which fall under the category of “the tide of history”, there has been a marked shift away from on-trade drinking, and for most people their drinking is now a balance between the two depending on the context. Plenty of people probably never drink in a pub from one month to the next. The attitude of “we never have drink in the house” now comes across as distinctly old-fashioned. And it has to be pointed out that there’s a slight inconsistency in self-proclaimed beer lovers bewailing the plight of pubs while at the same time stocking up on obscure American and Belgian imported bottles from specialist off-licences."

  3. Of course I drink at home too. I just feel that CAMRA should not be promoting campaigns that do little for the promotion of real ale and pubs.