Thursday, 25 December 2014

12 Beers Of Xmas Day 6 - White Stout

When it comes to bottled beer there is nobody better than Durham Brewery as far as I'm concerned.  It has been quite a few years since I first picked up some of their strong bottled beers for the festive period and Christmas Day is never complete for me now without one or two of their beers.  They have brought out a few new beers this year which I am keen to try but I could not find any of these locally but I could find an old favourite so this is my choice of beer to accompany my xmas lunch.       

White Stout (7.2% ABV) is a beer I only tried for the first time earlier this year and I could just put the link to that review here and say good night one and all.  However I won't because it is worth a second review.  Untappd describes it as an American Pale Ale so firstly let's talk about the categorisation and the name.  This beer is nothing like a stout as in the modern meaning of the term.  Two hundred years ago porter brewers had not hijacked the term and a stout beer was simply a strong beer.  Durham have recreated this style with modern American hops (Colombus) and Maris Otter malt.  So yes it could be described as an American Pale Ale and there are plenty of sweet tropical fruit notes which you would expect.  Mango and mandarin notes are detectable before a spicy bitterness kicks in along with some soft aromatic notes which all leads to a beautifully rounded bittersweet finish.  This beer gets top marks from me yet again and I am delighted to say that my wife loved it too.  She has excellent taste.   


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