Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mr Chairman

At the AGM of my local CAMRA branch (Western Sussex) last year our chairman announced he would be stepping down at the end of the year.  Last month he confirmed his intentions as he felt that after 27 years it needed a fresh (and younger) face.  The current treasurer approached me to ask if I would be interested in taking over and I was duly nominated.  I also felt honoured to have the nomination seconded by our outgoing chairman.  I have only been active in our branch for a couple of years so I was delighted to have been asked to stand and I hope I can do a decent job because last night I was voted in unopposed.  

Perhaps it says something about the average age of our active branch members when they see me as a 'younger' man.  Perhaps CAMRA should use this in their recruitment campaigns.  Feeling old?  Join CAMRA and you will soon feel a whole lot younger.  Anyway, it will be an interesting role, something I'd never thought about until I was asked last month, and one that I can hopefully enjoy too because at the end of the day if something isn't enjoyable then you shouldn't do it.  I have been a member of CAMRA for about 30 years though and I am passionate about real ale and I firmly believe that without CAMRA the beer map today would be a sorry sight indeed.  

Where this leaves what I write about here only time will tell.  I'm sure I will just continue to write about good beer and good pubs from my own experiences as I always try to do.  In fact my next post will be a review of the new Brewdog bar in Brighton I visited recently which is somewhere you won't find in a CAMRA Good Beer Guide but which did sell some very good beer.  So on that note I will sign off and get writing about that.


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