Friday, 19 February 2016

Arundel Smokehouse Porter

Some great things are happening down at my local brewery, Arundel.  Since I last visited with them they have opened up an excellent shop in the heart of Arundel selling all of their beer from cask and bottles.  They have now added cans to their output with their new Smokehouse Porter (6.0% ABV) canned by mobile canning experts WeCan.  Success of any beer launch is helped by the quality of the product of course and Arundel have got this one spot on.  An order for 5000 cans from helped too.  

A trip to the Arundel shop was made specifically to pick up one of these cans at a cost of just £2.20 which is a bit of a bargain.  I have not been fortunate to try this beer from cask yet but if this can is anything to go by then I can't wait.  It has been brewed from malt that has been smoked over apple wood by local firm besmoke, a few yards from the Arundel brewery.  Not many beer miles in the creation of this product then.              

I love applewood smoked cheddar cheese and the aroma of this beer is very similar to that.  It is a lovely rich beer with not too much carbonation which is a good thing.  Initially the flavours were a little bitter and smoky with plenty of dark fruit notes coming through.  The applewood flavour comes bursting through to give a sweeter finish.  Arundel already produce a superb dark beer with their Sussex Dark (or Old Knucker as it was originally named) and this one is going to be just as popular with me.  It doesn't stop here though as there are plans to collaborate with local coffee roasters Edgcumbes to produce a coffee stout.  More cans will also be appearing soon too with their lovely APA Wild Heaven (5.2% ABV) lined up for the canning process soon.

It is great to see things thriving at Arundel.  They have always looked to try new things in recent years and it looks like this is all set to continue too which is good news for us local beer drinkers and I'm sure it will lead to increased national exposure too.


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