Friday, 3 January 2014


Well it's a new year and around this time of year there is always plenty of optimism.  With resolutions made everyone is planning on doing something to improve their lives it seems.  Over-indulgence over the festive period does mean that one popular resolution is to abstain from alcohol for a month.  I can still remember the days when I tried such things but now I like to think I am old enough and wise enough to not over-indulge in the first place so in January I can continue enjoying one of life's great pleasures.

It seems that every month charities are coming up with some scheme to make people part with their money for good causes.  November has been renamed Movember and now January has become Dryanuary.  For pubs out there that are struggling to stay afloat January must be an incredibly difficult month and initiatives like this must not go down too well.  I'm sure pubs have always seen a significant drop-off in trade in January however and it is something they would always expect and budget for after swelling their coffers in December.  The problem nowadays is that the coffers are never swollen enough for many pubs and faced with mounting debts an abandonment in January from a significant percentage of their customer base can be fatal.  So, for those taking part in Dryanuary collecting sponsorship down their local pub I just hope the pub is still around in February for them to collect the money from their fellow drinkers.

As an alternative to Dryanuary may I propose the following as I don't think any of these will hurt your local community.

-  Avoid shopping at Amazon for a month and similar online superstores.  Use your local shops.
-  Avoid buying alcohol from your local supermarket.  If you must cut down then cut down here.

I for one love going to pubs in January.  January is usually the coldest month and there are lots of winter beers out there ready for consumption.  Find a local pub with a roaring fireplace and enjoy a pint or two in the peace and quiet that is often absent from pubs over Christmas.  

Happy drinking.


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