Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bat and Ball, Farnham

I usually find that pubs which are difficult to find turn out to be exceptional.  The Bat & Ball near Farnham is one such place.  Using the satnav I did get a little concerned when the directions sent me down an unmade road but after a few hundred yards of very careful slow driving I came to Bat & Ball Lane which, whilst not having enormous potholes, did appear to be quite narrow and winding.  Luckily I met nobody coming the other way and at the end of the lane I came to the pub car park.  One way in and one way out. 

As can be seen below the pub is a lovely looking building and it is surrounded by lots of greenery and it is set in a bit of a valley.  There is plenty of outdoor space which is mainly paved.  Part of it is covered by a leafy pergola and there is an impressive looking wooden climbing area for kids.    

Inside, the pub is very rustic with quite a few separate areas with large wooden tables.  Past the bar to the left is a large dining area and judging by the number of people eating inside as well as the number of plates coming out to people sat in the outdoor areas it is very popular.  The bar itself had six handpumps and these were all filled with options from small local breweries (if you count Somerset).  I was spoilt for choice with the following selections available

Oakleaf Quercus Folium
Upham Punter
Cottage Duchess
Itchen Valley Pure Gold
Triple fff Moondance
Hogs Back T.E.A  

I chose the Punter (4.0% ABV) from the Upham Brewery, based in neighbouring Hampshire.  The beer was sadly a little bland I felt.  It was a traditional session bitter, brown in colour and nice and clear in the glass.  There was very little malt character coming through and the bitter aftertaste was a little harsh.  There was a little caramel and peach fruit flavours coming through but not much.

The Bat and Ball is a pub well worth finding.  This weekend it is holding a beer and cider festival and with glorious weather forecast it would be a perfect time to look for it.  Just be careful along the undulating unmade road (the pub is signposted from Sandrock Hill Road).  Once you arrive you won't want to leave.

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