Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wadworth Brewers Choice No.5

Last week I received a mini cask from Wadworth Brewery.  This gave me 8 pints of their brewers creation no.5 to sample and enjoy.  It was described as a 5.5% ABV golden coloured ale, brewed with Munich and Crystal malt, three different hops, elderflower, orange peel and grains of paradise.  It was brewed by Wadworth's Quality Assurance Brewer, Andy Weaver, to celebrate the coming of Spring.  Well better late than never I say.  This beer is part of the Wadworth's Brewers Creations range which is to see a new ale brewed each month and I considered myself very lucky to receive this to review.  Apparently, the brewing team at Wadworth's have been given total freedom to produce the beers they want to brew and to try new ingredient combinations and brewing techniques. 

The beer had been drawn straight from the cask so once opened I had to consume it quickly (well that's my excuse).  In the glass it was a nice deep golden colour and the aroma was magnificent.  Lots of fruit with a subtle maltiness creeping in.  The first taste had quite a zing to it.  A spicy fruitiness with quite an intense orange hit to accompany it.  Not wanting to keep it all to myself my wife joined in and she noticed more elderflower than I did.  Despite the intensity of fruit though it had a full robust underlying maltiness to it that gave it good balance and a potent strength.  I do find many fruity, summery beers a bit too light  and lacking flavour so it was great to taste something that had a good strength but was very refreshing too.

Only a handful of casks of each brewers creation is available to tied Wadworth pubs so if you were lucky enough to find this for sale then I'm sure you were not disappointed.  Otherwise, you will just have to take my word for it - it was extremely pleasant.  

Happy drinking.

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