Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sadlers JPA

Continuing on the same theme as last time, last Thursday (12th July) I went to The Bear at the Swan's Nest and I was delighted to see Sadlers JPA available.  This was the beer I helped to brew at the brewery and my first taste of it since that day.  It is very citrussy and very hoppy.  I enjoyed it so much I had a second. 

I forgot to mention the history behind Sadlers Ales last time.  Thomas Alexander Sadler founded the original brewery in 1900 near to the current location.  Brewing stopped in 1927.  The founder's son, John Caleb Nathaniel, was brought up in the brew house and passed on his passion to his son (John) and grandson (Chris).  These third and fourth generations of the Sadler family re-opened the brewery in 2004.  The brewery tap, The Windsor Castle Inn, was built next to the brewery and opened up in 2006.   This bears the same name as the original brewery tap in nearby Oldbury.  The pub is run by Emily, another member of the Sadler family, and it was quick to win the local CAMRA pub of the year in 2007.  It's a superb story of superb ales within a superb pub. 

JPA (Jack's Pale Ale) is named after the original founder, John Caleb Nathaniel, who was more commonly known as Jack.  He may not have left a working brewery to his ancestors but he did leave them with a passion for brewing and they have grasped the opportunity and deserve the plaudits that they receive for their fine ales and welcoming pub.   

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