Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Old Chestnut Tree, Lower Moor

Last night I started the week with another pint of Sadlers JPA at The Bear in the Swan's Nest in Stratford.  Tonight I gave my new car a spin and ventured into Worcestershire.  The Old Chestnut Tree in Lower Moor between Evesham and Pershore is situated just off the A44.  It is actually a 16th century farmhouse and it wasn't until the 1980s that it became a pub.  At the back of the pub adjacent to the car park there is a shop and post office serving the local community.  Where villages are losing a whole host of traditional businesses it is good to see the pub doubling up and filling the gap.

The pub itself has beautiful exposed beams and brickwork.  It has very friendly owners and a fine array of handpumps from which to choose.  I chose a beer from the Malvern Hills brewery, Black Pear.  At 4.4% it was described as a premium bitter.  It is very pale though with a citrus hoppiness which I can only describe as a very modern day bitter.  These pale ales are becoming increasingly more common and I do find some of them too high on the citrus side.  However, as with Sadlers JPA, this particular beer was very pleasant and it had a nice long aftertaste too.  I can certainly see why they are popular in the Summer months (although when the Summer will start this year I do not know). 

To summarise my drive then.  A refreshing pint of hoppiness in a lovely village local.  If you are ever in the area I recommend you pop in for a pint or two.

Happy drinking.    

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