Tuesday, 31 July 2012

CAMRA Membership

I've been avoiding my local 'spoons for a few weeks now as they have been concentrating on ciders and perrys making the beer choice somewhat lmited.  Last weekend my CAMRA membership renewal came through the letterbox and as is usual now it comes with forty 50p vouchers to be redeemed at Wetherspoons pubs for a pint of real ale.  With ten vouchers for each three month period I thought it was time I saved a bit of money for my holiday starting next week and there is no better way than getting a pint of beer for £1.49.  These vouchers effectively pays my annual CAMRA membership fee so I do always try and use them. 

Last night I had a pint from my new favourite micro-brewery, Sadlers.  The deliciously hoppy Hop Bomb was available and it is a potent brew.  Tonight I settled for a delicious IPA from the Warwickshire Brewing Company called Rugby Ball Stitcher.  At 5.0% it is a reasonable strength for an IPA although I do usually like them to be even stronger.  It had a lovely smooth finish and went down remarkably quickly.  Only the one pint again though as I have been hooked on the Olympic games and I prefer watching it from the comfort of my hotel room.

Tomorrow night I will be having a quick pint in one of my favourite pubs.  You will have to wait to find out where it is though.

Happy drinking.     


  1. Hi there, very pleased to hear that you enjoyed our delicious IPA at Wetherspoon's but for your reference the beer's name is actually 'Rugby Ballstitcher IPA' from Warwickshire Beer Co. Look forward to hearing more reviews of our ales!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I will amend it. Look forward to sampling more of your beers.