Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cask Ale Week

Cask Ale Week kicks off today and this celebration of our national drink means everybody should be encouraged to visit the pub to enjoy a pint of cask ale in the environment it is made for.  One way to encourage people to go down the pub of course is to offer free beer.  This certainly works with me and so that is what I did this lunchtime.

Yes it is true.  All you have to do is click here and register for your free pint.  An email voucher will be sent to you which you can print off and use in over 700 pubs across the country.  They even make it easy for you.  Just enter your post code and you will be shown the list of pubs that are accepting the vouchers.  You could always be sneaky and print the voucher numerous times and visit numerous pubs if you wish although I would never do such a thing of course.
I am very fortunate because one of the 'free pint' pubs listed is the Wilkes Head in Eastergate which is only a couple of miles from my home.  This superb pub has recently been voted the CAMRA Sussex Pub of the Year for the third successive year.  Despite being a Punch Tavern they sell a fabulous range of ales as well as hosting a couple of excellent beer festivals each year.  With voucher in hand I made my way there today and swapped my bit of paper for a pint of Flipside Russian Rouble (7.3% ABV).  I defy anyone to find a better free pint than this during the entire promotion.  I had to check that this was actually included in the free pint offer and amazingly it was.  It is a rich, sweet robust Russian stout with chocolate, plum and blackcurrant flavours all in abundance with a sweet roast malt character.  Sensational.

So get out there and use your voucher in a local pub.  If you like the pub then I suggest you go the following week and pay for a pint.  Everybody needs a regular visit to a local.  Cask Ale Week is an opportunity to try something new for free so take it.  


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