Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beer O'Clock Show

The Beer O'Clock Show is a weekly podcast that is now in its third series.  The basic sypnopsis of the show is that Mark and Steve will chat each week for about 30 minutes whilst cracking open a beer and discussing the relative merits of it or otherwise.  Whilst that may seem deadly dull to some of you I do find it entertaining and it is all down to the two guys themselves.  Mark is the presenter and his mate Steve, the man with the Essex accent, is the beer expert taking Mark on a voyage of beer discovery.  

The show has progressed since the early days and they have broadened out to invite guests onto the show and I was offered the guest slot many months ago after some interactions on Twitter.  Due to events conspiring against me this had to be rescheduled a couple of times.  Fast forward to last week and episode no. 51 and I finally made my appearance.  Needless to say I found the whole experience was so errrr 'different' and I could probably have done with a few beers before the recording took place but having got it over with I am already looking forward to a guest slot in series 4 when I will be much more prepared and I will know what to expect.

Anyway, take a listen if you wish.  The beer we tried was Rogue Mocha Porter which is brewed in Oregon, USA.  This is a delightful dark ale perfect for the cold winter months.  Hopefully, like myself you will enjoy the show and come back each week and listen to each new episode when it is loaded up to their website at the hour of beer o'clock every Friday (6.00.pm).  
Happy listening.   

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