Friday, 25 April 2014

Beer and Dieting Week 16

As I am writing this my head is spinning round and in the words of Elvis Costello - 

'I can't stand up for falling down'  

This post will be short and have very little in the way of beer reviews because my head is not spinning from a hangover.  A virus affecting the inner ear has given me acute vertigo for the past week which began with me being carried into an ambulance and spending a night in hospital.  The good news in all of this is that I have reached my weight loss target of 30lb with a week to spare.  Not really the way I wanted to lose the last couple of pounds but beggars can't be choosers.  Now I just have to make sure I get better in time to enjoy my reward with a weekend enjoying the beery delights of Manchester at the end of May.
Prior to falling sick I did manage to enjoy one CAMRA social enjoying a mixed bag of beers.  This social was a rarity in that I could walk to the first pub.  It is a good couple of miles for me into town but it was a dry evening as far as the weather was concerned.  We began in the centre of Bognor Regis at a pub called The Alex.  This Enterprise Inn has been up for sale for quite some time and is still available if anyone is mad enough to take it on.  This was my first visit and it is a cosy two room pub with plenty of interesting furnishings and masses of hanging water jugs.  The beer choice of Bombardier, Doom B-Aaargh and Old Speckled Hen was far from interesting but my pint of the latter was in perfect condition.  Staying in Bognor we then popped in to the local 'Spoons where I enjoyed a pint of Camerons Galactico (4.2% ABV).  This real lager was very pleasant indeed.  A pale, crisp, refreshing pint that would be perfect come the summer.  
With closing time fast approaching it was decided to go to the Inglenook in Pagham for a final pint.  This is my closest pub as all my regular readers will know and the beer choice again did not disappoint.  There was time for a delightful pint of Atom India Pale Ale (5.6% ABV).  This strong robust IPA had a rich earthy bitterness to the finish.  This is the second beer I've enjoyed from this new Yorkshire micro and it was greatly enjoyed by all of my CAMRA friends too.   

Prior to my illness I was enjoying a week off work during which I took my family to Lewes in East Sussex for a day.  I found time to visit a pub that will be mentioned in a separate post later on as it is part of my journey around the Pub of the Year winners for all of the Sussex CAMRA branches.  What I will mention here is the fantastic pint I had.  The Pokies (3.6% ABV) is a superb full-flavoured pale hoppy beer from Manchester micro Blackjack.  This was my favourite beer of the past two weeks just edging out the Atom IPA.  

This brings my diet diary to a close and now I just need to have my cholesterol checked to see if I have brought it down from the stupendously high level it was at prior to the start of this journey.  That will have to wait until I am better so until then it is more of the healthy options and as I won't be getting any calories from beer for a while I will probably lose a few more pounds too over the next couple of weeks.  


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