Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Wild Boar Cask Ale House and Brewery, Warwick

I have been meaning to go to Warwick for a few months.  The only Good Beer Guide 2013 entry for Warwick is The Wild Boar.  It is described as being the Slaughterhouse Brewery Tap but it also has its own 2 barrel plant which they use for special brews.  The brewery began production in 2003 in a former slaughterhouse so it isn't difficult to imagine where the name comes from.  They say that 95% of their deliveries are within a 5 mile radius of Warwick which is probably why I've not found their beers anywhere I've been before as this is the first pub I've visited within that small area.   

The pub is easy to find and it is very close to Warwick railway station.  It is in a residential area so it has a friendly local feel but it is also very welcoming to others.  I have really struck lucky with my trips recently.  Last week I discovered The Weatheroak Brewery tap, The Victoria Works, in Studley.  Tonight I found another gem of a pub.  It has a real community feel to it similar to The West End in Stratford-on-Avon.  It was early in the evening on a Wednesday but both the front and back bars were busy which is always a good sign.  The pub is certainly an excellent discovery and if you are ever in Warwick then pay it a visit.

The first dilemma was which beer to choose.  The full array of beers from the Slaughterhouse Brewery were available along with a few specials which I assumed were brewed in-house.  I like trying something new and the Space Trotter (4.3% ABV) was described as being made with organic oats.  It is dark brown in colour and has a slightly sweetish taste.  It was pleasant but I would not make it a regular.  I will definitely revisit Warwick soon though to try one of their regular beers.  The Wild Boar, at 5.2% ABV, sounds particularly inviting.

I have been to quite a few pubs now in and around Stratford-on-Avon and the difference in friendliness between here and home is enormous.  The young lady who served me tonight in The Wild Boar was no exception.  Very friendly and welcoming.  I have lived down South too long where indifferent service is the norm.  The difference extends though to the pub regulars.  It is not unusual to feel uneasy walking into a new pub back home where the locals will 'check you out' with a long glare.  There is absolutely none of that in the West Midlands.  It has taken some getting used to but I'm beginning to like it.

Happy drinking.

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