Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wye Valley Brewery

Tonight I paid a quick visit to my favourite Stratford-upon-Avon pub, The Bear In The Swan's Nest, before settling down to another evening of Olympic viewing.  One of their regular beers is Butty Bach (4.5% ABV), yet another delightful golden hoppy ale of good strength.  These type of beers are all I seem to be drinking at the moment but I shouldn't complain.  Brewed by the Herefordshire brewer, Wye Valley, the brewer is probably more famous for the pump click for its wholesome stout called Dorothy Goodbody's, after a female MP asked for it to be banned from the House of Commons bar.  I find it totally amazing that such people find enough people to vote for them to be elected to govern us.  I was pleased to read that sales of the beer took off following these ridiculous comments.  It really is time for some people to get a sense of humour transplant.

Happy drinking.

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