Monday, 18 June 2012


I am currently working in Stratford-upon-avon for a few months and tonight I went to the Golden Bee (a Wetherspoons pub in the centre of Stratford-upon-avon) and had a pint of Rudgate Ruby Mild.  The Rudgate brewery is based just outside York and was founded in 1992.  The Ruby Mild is a lovely beer.  It has a lovely dark ruby colour (hence the name) and a delicious nutty taste.  The ABV of 4.4% is higher than traditional milds that were around when I was younger but stronger milds are becoming more prevalent.  CAMRA have done a fantastic job trying to revive milds with their Make Mine A Mild campaign each May.

I think there are two points that can be discussed with this post.  The first is obviously the style of beer.  Are you a fan of mild?  Is it something you are unfamiliar with?  The second is the pub.  Are you a fan of Wetherspoons?  Some people hate them.  Are they loved by anyone?  You will be hearing about my views over time.  This is a first post to kick things off though so I'm keeping it brief. 

Happy drinking.

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    Golden Bee is a new city lounge & cocktail bar located on Old Street of Shoreditch, London with a newly refurbished upstairs bar, terrace & spacious rooftop bar & area.